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  • Leinli Suspension Bridge

    Myanmar, 2011 Length 537m, main span 305m Main bridge design, key material supply and installation service

  • Liuzhou Shuangyong Bridge

    China, 2011 The 1 st single pylon suspension bridge with inclined hanger in China Length 510m, main span 430 m Supply and

  • Baling River Bridge

    China, 2009 Length 2,237m, main span 1,088 m Supply and installation of anchor block system

  • Xihoumen Bridge

    China, 2009 Length 2,948m, main span 1,650 m Supply and installation of replaceable anchor block system

  • TUTI Bridge

    Sudan, 2009 1st suspension bridge in Sudan and the 2nd in Africa Main span 210m Supply and installation of anchor block,

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