Projects of Prestressing System

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  • Central-Wan Chai Bypass

    Hong Kong 2013 Length 4,500m Erection of precast viaducts, transportation of segments on deck, supply and installation of

  • SADR Viaduct

    Tehran, Iran, 2012 Length 6,000m OVM supplied PT systems, equipments and construction service

  • Boubyan Seaport Project P1S1

    Kuwait, 2011 1,420m road bridge and 4,245m railway bridge Supply of PT systems

  • Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

    China, 2011 Length 41,580m, main span 260m Supply of PT systems, PWS stay cable systems

  • Algeria East-west Highway

    Algeria, 2010 Total length 1,216,000m, two-way six lanes Supply of PT systems and equipments for Section Middle West

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