Elastomeric Bearings and Expansion Joints

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  • Damper

    Viscous Fluid Damper The core structure of viscous fluid damper is the hydraulic structure, including ear ring for connec

  • Seismic-isolation Device for Bridge

    Super-damping Rubber Bearing The seismic isolation technology of super-damping bearing can convert energy of motion into

  • Special Product

    Seismic-isolation Rubber Bearing for Buildings There are 2 types of Seismic-isolation Rubber Bearing for Buildings: the r

  • Elastomeric Bearing

    A laminated elastomeric bearing is a rubber block vulcanized elastomeric rubber with inner reinforced steel plates. This

  • Pot Bearing

    Pot bearings can satisfy the requirements of large load capacity in three directions, great horizontal displacement and b

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