“Cooperation for Innovation, Integrating for Developing” IABSE Congress Nanjing 2022 & The 6th OVM Technology Forum held successfully.

From September 21 to 23, the “International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering 2022 Annual Congress” (hereinafter referred to as “IABSE Congress”) was held in Nanjing Yangtze River International Conference Center, Jiangsu province. The congress opened several sessions, among which the 6th OVM Technology Forum was held as an industrial session on September 22.
OVM Technology Forum is held for exchanging the research achievements and application experience of prestressing technology, discussing the future development orientation of prestressing technology, and promoting the global development of bridge construction, structural monitoring, and related industrial technologies. The forum has been held on-site and online, with nearly 100 Chinese experts participating in the forum and important guests from more than 50 countries participating via video conference .
Mr. Gao Zongyu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Mr. Wu Gang, Vice President of Southeast University; Mr. Ge Yaojun, President of IABSE; Mr. Zeng Guang 'an, the Party Secretary, Chairman, and CEO of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. made opening speeches respectively.
Academician Gao Zongyu affirmed that OVM is a company which inherits and develops, adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the foundation and has a social responsibility, also has made important contributions to the development of bridge technology in China and worldwide.
From the perspective of “Deepening the university-industry cooperation,” Mr. Wu Gang claimed that Southeast University and OVM will continue to strengthen ties, deepen exchanges, write a new chapter for university-industry cooperation, and make more significant contributions to the development of the world’s prestressing and engineering industries.
Mr. Ge Yaojun, the IASBE president, attended the forum and delivered a speech on behalf of IASBE Congress 2022 and the Bridge Engineering Department of Tongji University. As a guest of the OVM Forum for the fourth time, he believed that the OVM Technology Forum is an important platform to learn and exchange new technologies, applications, and experiences through the forum, and it actively promotes the innovative development of the bridge industry in China and abroad.
Mr. Zeng Guang 'an congratulated the opening of the forum via video, “OVM is China's earliest enterprise that engaged in application development and industrialization of prestressing technology, advanced technology with a large market scale, creating many the best projects of the industry, the OVM forum will further promote the progress of China and the world engineering technology and the development of relevant industries.”
In the forum, Mr. Sun Limin, the Vice Chairman of IASBE and Professor of Tongji University, Prof. Feng Peng of Tsinghua University, and other 14 domestic and foreign experts, shared the globally latest technologies, related to bridges and structures combined with engineering cases in the special report, which provided new ideas and directions for the development of
bridges and architecture in the future. 
Prof. Sun Limin gave a keynote report, “Multimode Damping Enhancement for Cable Vibration Control: Theoretical and Technological Developments with Applications,” in the forum, then introduced the latest achievements of the theory and engineering application of cable vibration control.
OVM always persists in technological innovation leads the development of enterprises, and actively cooperates with the major design institutes and scientific research institutions. In intelligent cable and construction field, OVM conducted thorough research. More specifically, in high-stress amplitude, ultra- high strength, large span, and self-locking type anchorage system, OVM has achieved excellent results in R&D and applications.
Mr. Li Muhan, the party secretary, chairman, and general manager of OVM, said, "In the future, the OVM will be centered around 'iterative development, intellectualized products, technology commercialization’, continue to promote enterprise technology innovation ability, actively organize and participate in technical exchanges, cooperate with experts to research technical difficulties, make efforts to develop more innovative technologies and products, make a greater contribution to the development of bridges and structures worldwide."