OVM International Symposium 2016 was successfully held in Liuzhou, China

   OVM International Symposium 2016 was successfully held in Ramada Plaza, Liuzhou City, China on Oct. 14, 2016. The guests attending the symposium came from all over the world, such as Germany, Canada, Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Colombia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
   OVM is the pacesetter of Chinese prestressing industry, which is also the largest specialized company of prestressing technology in the Asian-Pacific region. In the past 50 years, for the innovation and development of prestressing technology, OVM had received countless support and assistance all along the way. In 2015, OVM had formulated the challenging 13th Five-Year plan, our vision is to be a World-class Full-life Cycle Service Expert of Prestressing Technology, and also to be a World-class service provider and the most trustworthy partner for prestressing and related fields.
The year 2016 is OVM’s 50 years anniversary, it is also the 25th year of our international business. Our steps towards globalization will never stop.
   The symposium was aimed at reviewing the footprint of OVM’s internationalization, to contribute to the significant development and sustainable progression of Chinese and international prestressing technology.

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