To: All the business cooperation units of Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “OVM”)
In order to improve the standard use of the company’s contract seal and official mailbox, hereby noticed as follow:
1.     On behalf of OVM (including wholly owned and controlled subsidiary, hereinafter the same) to communicate with any business cooperation unit (including but not limited to international and domestic customers, suppliers, etc.); always use the official mailbox with suffix for the OVM.CN. Any individuals are not allowed to use non-official mailbox on behalf of OVM to communicate with external units, any loss for any business cooperation unit that triggered by this, OVM will not take any responsibility for it. All the business cooperation units please pay attention to this.
2.     Unless you receive notification form OVM with stamped confirmation which related to the significant information change for payee name, account, etc. Otherwise, any non-official notification for significant information change, OVM will not recognize. When any business cooperation unit receive this kind of notification, please make sure you verify it.
3. The seal for all signed business contract, only use the contract seal and official seal which is registered in public security bureau (with encoding an anti-counterfeit labels). Any other contract seal and common seal which are not registered, all the business cooperation units should pay attention to them, and make sure you verify them. Any financial loss is caused by this, OVM will not take any responsibility for it.
We will appreciate for the fully understanding and cooperate of all the business cooperation units!
This notification will take effect from date of delivered.
                                                                         Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd.

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