OVM Technical Seminar Concerning on Structural Health

On December 4, the technical seminar titled Structural Health Monitoring, Reinforcement and Maintenance was successfully concluded in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta. It was co-organized by OVM and PUSJATAN. The purpose of this seminar is to draw more attention on bridges health condition, provide a higher-level technical communication platform and promote the structure health R& D in Indonesia.
During the seminar, hundred plus attendees including of experts concerning bridge design, construction, supervision, R&D, inspection and maintenance, management, etc from China and Indonesia gathered together to share their experience and R&D achievements. The director of PUSJATAN Mr. Herry vaza,   the president of Liugong Group and Chairman of OVM, Mr.Zheng Jin delivered opening addresses at the seminar. Mr. Gato Sukmara in PUSJATAN, Mr. FX Supartono, Professor of Univ. of Indonesia and Univ. Tarumanagara, the specialist of FTSP –ITS Mr Ir. Faimun, M.Sc., Mr. Peng Wenxuan, Professor of Central South University of China, Mr. Zhu Wanxu, OVM Deputy Chief Engineer, Mr. Deng Nianchun, OVM Deputy Chief Engineer, made keynote presentations. Those elaborate themed presentation features combination of theories and practices, explaining the profound in simple terms and proposed to attendance with new technologies, knowledge and ideas. It is reflected by wide acknowledgements and good benefits to attendee.
OVM, as China’s famous systemic supplier in prestressing field has been successively awarded bridge construction projects contracts since its entered into Indonesian market in 2010. OVM built up fame, especially in the field of cable stayed bridge. Currently, OVM becomes one of major suppliers of prestressing system in Indonesia.
The successful conclusion of technical seminar has not only afforded a technical exchange platform and promoted advancement of the pre-stress technology in both Indonesia and China, but also positively enhanced brand influence of OVM on its overseas market.

Registration number: 45020302000069