OVM participates the fourth FIB (The International Federation for Structural Concrete) exhibition

On February 10 to 14, 2014, the fourth FIB (The International Federation for Structural Concrete)exhibition was held at Bombay, India. This meeting is held every four years, aims at academic discussion and bridge exhibition. It attracts lots of bridge engineer researcher, professor, engineer contractor and material supplier. Topic of the fourth FIB meeting is “to enhance concrete’s structure performance”.  During the meeting, about 60 topic speeches were arranged. Experts, specialists and delegations had exchanged views and shared their technology study.      
 During the meeting, FREYSSINET、VSL、BBR、DSI、OVM、TENSACCIAI、TATA、DYNAMIC and other famous company exhibited their products. OVM together with its India agent also participated this exhibition. OVM Exhibition products include OVM250stay cable system, extradosed cable-stayed bridge system, integrated extruding anchor cable and steel finger expansion joint, which impressing guests profoundly.
This exhibition  further improves OVM’s brand image, and it will play a significant role in developing India markets.