OVM attended China International Industry fair for the first time

During November 5 to 9 2013, China's equipment manufacturing industry's most influential international industry brand exhibition - The 15th China international industry fair was held at Shanghai new international expo center. Nine theme shows will be held concurrently under CIIF 2013. CIIF 2013 will occupy 160,000 sq.m as its display area and attract more than 2,000 exhibitors and over 100,000 professional visitors to participate.
OVM, as a member of the Guangxi representative enterprises, is the first time to participate in the “Information and Communication Technology Show”.
Information and Communication Technology Show is topic with “smart city”, followed by the development trend and market demand of information technology, ICTS showcases the innovative application on the sectors such as softewar & integrated solutions, mobile internet, cloud computing, smart information security and smart application.
In this show, OVM Company showed hydraulic lifting, smart and bridge cable tensioning special equipment safety monitoring system and part of the bridge cable system solutions, among these contents 6400 tons of hydraulic double crane project and bridge structure health security monitoring system caught a lot of audience's interest. Professor from sensor society of Tongji University and experts from Chinese institute of computing science paid a close attention to our company's new products, new technologies, and clients from Shanghai Tonghe and Huaxiang also communicated the business with our exhibition staffs. Contents in the show got professional audiences’ attention, a lot of the audiences at the show met OVM, understood the basic situation of our company, which had good brand publicity effect.
Our exhibition staffs also visited and learned when they did the decoration and publication. Through this show, our company has received publicity, staffs got exercise and study, and propaganda work laid the foundation for the future development.
CIIF has become one of the most influential international industry brand exhibition in China, through implementing “professionalization, marketization, internationalization and branding” as its strategies for over 14 years. OVM participated in this show for the first time and has obtained certain achievements and experience, in the future, we also need to constantly find and participate similar show, to do a better job of brand construction, make the OVM national brand towards the world, and gradually make it as a world-class brand in China.