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OVM leads the Chinese prestressing industry

Thanks to 50 years of experience, OVM is now a leading product supplier and specialist contractor in China in the field of prestressing and other special construction techniques. With a strong reputation for reliability, professionalism and innovation, OVM systems have successfully worked on numerous projects, including bridges, highways, high-speed railways, buildings, dams, nuclear power plants, and in doing so have achieved worldwide acknowledgement.

Sufficient R&D

As a basic company strategy, more than 5% annual turnover would be invested in the R&D. OVM has a national technology center and a postdoctoral research workstation in cooperation with renowned universities and Institutions etc. OVM owns 390 technical patents by 2010, which guarantee the multiple efficient solutions to the clients.

Wide range of products

OVM focuses on developing outstanding prestressing technology and building up renowned brand in civil engineering field. As the biggest supplier in China, OVM provides wide range of prestressing system including 5 categories, 30 series and more than 420 types of products:
I.   OVM Post-tensioning Systems
II.  OVM Cable Systems (for cable-stayed bridge, arch bridge and suspension bridge)
III. OVM Construction Solutions (Incremental Launching, turning and heavy lifting)
IV. OVM Bearings & Expansion Joints
V.  OVM Monitoring Systems

Certified management and products

The endurable and reliable OVM products are guaranteed by outstanding management.
OVM is certified with IS09001-2008 Quality Management System by BSI and CQC. Each process of production from raw material purchasing to delivery is strictly under the control of management system. OVM products meet the requirements of major standards: ETA, AASHITO, ASTM, BS, EN, FIP, 6B/ JIS, PT1 etc. In addition, OVM works closely with external, independent institutions for testing and improvement of all products.

Yours truly dependable partner

With worldwide network, OVM strives continually to provide high quality services to clients and is seeking partnerships in areas of prestressing design for structural engineering projects, provision of prestressing systems, and contracting of special structures